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Get My Entire Sales Process,

Done-for-you Email Campaigns and

Sales Funnel Mapouts*

Learn how I earned a 6-figure income year after year for over 10 years using this sales funnel framework inside your CRM

*currently on sale!

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Perfect even if you don't have a BIG database! (this includes everything you need!)

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Unlock the power of done-for-you email campaigns, including New Lead Registrants, Long-Term Drip Campaigns, and Campaigns for leads in process of Pre-qualification. (Cultivating relationships and building a solid foundation is key here!) ?

A complete walk through of my Sales System and a behind the scenes look into my workflows and how you can easily create it too.

Step-by-step video for best results! I'll walk you through every step, ensuring an efficient and effective implementation of the sales system, sales funnel and 5-Star Customer Journey you know you want to deliver and your "people" deserve

The opportunity to access a proven sales funnel that will bridge gaps, missing systems or processes you may have started and haven't found the time for (or energy... let's be honest here ❤️)

A complete breakdown of the sales journey your clients will go through that leads them from an inquiry to a closing so you can automate without using the same tempaltes everyone else uses at your Brokerage. (This is how you scale in real estate)

Regular Price $397

Today's Price: $27*

*currently on sale!

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Please note: Due to the digital nature of these products, we do not offer refunds.

BTW . . . Can this help if I am a new Realtor?

I don't have any clients yet...

Absolutely! If there is anything I have learned about the Real Estate business it is that we need to make money right away so this literally is a learn on the fly profession. In a perfect world we would have 6 months to a year to build our systems out and then START... (Wouldn't that have been nice????) This can help even the most Savvy Realtor. More than likely there are gaps in their systems or even worse they just flat out don't have them in place... yet... I got YOU! ??


How good can this be if it is only $27.00?

Such a great question! Well, I can tell you it includes 60 emails, 20 text scripts, 5 map outs and 5 campaigns. It literally is the exact system I have used for the more than 10 years... I just keep fine tuning it. It's $27 because I believe EVERYONE deserves a START in the right direction... sure wish someone did this for me!❤️

Is it compatible with my CRM?

If you have the capability to draft an email, these "Drip Campaigns" or "Swipe Files" as I like to call them will be easy to add to your CRM.

Do you offer any additional training?

YES! I have a FREE Masterclass bi-weekly on Tuesdays at Noon MST. Follow my @showup_nikkib IG account for updates on the next FREE 30minute Masterclass. I focus on implementation of systems, skill building, mindset and Sales and social media and marketing. I also offer one on one weekly coaching.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately because this is a digital product there are no refunds.

Do I need a lot of people in my database?

Absolutely not, I would say if you are just starting out... Lucky YOU! What a great way to begin your database with a structure and framework that supports growth and opportunity. If you have a small data base or a large database, it is more than just emails. It's about the framework and understanding the process and system you will be taking your clients through which is a 5-Star Customer Journey.

Want to see a sneak peek of the course?

I run a successful real estate business and have built a life I always dreamt of for me and my family...

I then built a passive income business to give back to my industry, generate a passive income and retire my

husband from law enforcement...

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This is my why. Yours might be completely different. What does a successful career in real estate mean to you?

What is your why?

If you closed 20, 30, 35, 45...48

sides this year, what would you do with the income?

Would you pay any bills? Pay off any cars? Buy a new one maybe???

Would you hire an assistant to help run your business?

How about hire a cleaner? Free up more time to spend with the people you love?

Would you put some away for taxes and then invest the rest?

Would you start another business? Maybe you have an interest in another "Steam" of income? I sure did!

Did you do the math? on 20 Transactions in your area?

How about 48? I put those numbers because

that is what I did... ❤️ I don't share this to bragg,

I share this to inspire you... If I can do it, trust I'm here to help you too.

How would 250k, 350k, 450k or 500k+

Change your life... If it's hard to imagine...

I see you, I understand

This is why I began teaching exactly

how I did it...

There's too much your missing by NOT having "Options" I believe thats what I've built. Come join us.

Just fill out your info below to get

everything listed on this page! ↓



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100 Scripts For Realtors

100 Scripts For Realtors

Unlock the power of scripts in my Realtor toolkit—100 responses for objections, buyer-seller interactions, and scenarios. Be prepared, never caught off guard.
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NEXT E-Book The Woman's Beginners Guide To Real Estate

NEXT E-Book The Woman's Beginners Guide To Real Estate

Want to take your REAL ESTATE BUSINESS to the next level? This New PROCESS will TEACH YOU HOW TO FIND AND CLOSE MORE DEALS THAN EVER BEFORE. (I’ve had a TON of success with this strategy!)
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